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is it time to change?

Have you noticed the number of advertisements for weight loss, fitness, health products and special offers to change your life?

At the start of every new year, organisations take advantage of the underlying desire for people to change – and their struggle to do so on their own. The ‘magic’ product, program or approach that will make this process easy is only a credit card payment away.

What is interesting is the desire that people put into their New Years resolutions had pretty much run out by the start of February. Gym memberships are forgotten, products are left in the cupboard or on the shelf, and subscriptions are left unfulfilled.

Whilst we see the new year as a great time to ‘make a fresh start’ in some aspect of your life, it is no better or worse than any other time of the year to create change.

However, to change requires more than just a magic program or product (although these can help in some cases). Change will only happen where the person:

  • Wants to change (for them and what this means)
  • Knows what the change will bring (costs and benefits)
  • Understands that change can be challenging, and are prepared to commit to the effort that this entails.
  • Understands what they control and what they don’t. This includes understanding the difference between how the person reacts and how they choose to respond.
  • Are aware of what triggers negative behaviours and identifies alternate responses.
  • Knows what challenges may arise as they work through the process of change.

Coaching can help explore the nature of change and how you can put all the pieces together to develop a successful change plan. When there is something that you want to give up, stop or start, then creating a plan to deliver it can be a powerful tool to assist your approach – maybe more so than the magic product or program.

If you want to really create change, then book a coaching session with me to understand the change process as it applies to your situation and to build a useful plan to get there.


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