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Winding down, spinning up – reaching the end of 2021

Take a breath! We have nearly made it!

We are fast approaching the end of another strange year. Right now, I notice many businesses are in ’winding down mode’ trying to conclude the backlog of projects and work before they close up for Christmas. Most businesses have been so focused on getting ‘stuff’ done they have not taken a breather and thought too much about what happens next. It has been a sense that the hamster wheel keeps on spinning, and many clients have simply been forced to run as fast as they can.

How do you reflect upon your year?

  • Do you have Zoom fatigue?
  • Do you feel your teams are pulling apart, and your culture has shifted?
  • Are you really doing what counts, or doing what you have always done just to get through?

It has been a year of development and change for me this year. I tuned up my web presence (check out and continued to promote my book “mastering the change curve”. I have continued to research, present, consult and coach across industries and can provide such support for you to help you, your teams and your business be better.

With the Christmas and New Year holiday period on the horizon, many businesses will take until the end of January (marked in Australia be the Australia Day Long weekend) to then ‘spin up’ again. THis holiday period is marked by the holiday season and things getting reset for 2022.  From the start of February, 2022 will really get started in earnest!

How are you set for 2022 – to make the most of the opportunities it presents?

People talk of a ‘new normal’ -one of the things that resonates is that there are opportunities on the back of all of this change to step up to a better way to do things – creating new ways to compete and win. Sometimes we get so stuck in how we are performing that we forget that it is not only threat that we exist in – but also opportunity when we can see it differently. Perhaps its time refresh your thinking, step back, and reset? Or maybe just take out the core lessons, tune up and get on with succeeding? The start of 2022 feels like an opportune time to frame up you path forward to ‘better’.

If you find yourself in this space, then reach out and get in touch – it can be great to get a set of fresh eyes to help you decode what is going on and help you set up for a successful path forward.

Perhaps as you think about this, there is an opportunity to take some time out from the ‘hamster wheel’ and get me in for a chat about how you can do even better?

It can be as simple as catching up for coffee with me and having a chat about what your next period looks like. Now that people can meet again in person, the opportunity to run strategy, change or business development meetings face to face is back on the agenda. With ‘Zoom fatigue’ a real thing, there is a lot of value in getting people together again and creating shared experiences to lead you forward. Some organisations are also seeing value in ‘re-teaming’ (taking the time to get teams together and working on how they will work together better) and focusing on culture re-setting in their leadership groups.

How can I help you?

Give me a call. Let’s have a chat and see what makes sense.  Don’t get caught behind the curve, get in front of it and create your next ‘normal’ – doing and being better.

However you wind down and spin up, I wish you a great festive season, however you celebrate it.  I look forward to hearing from you soon and doing better together in 2022.


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